[Ringle] 튜터 피드백 정리 (November 2021)

[Ringle] 튜터 피드백 정리 (November 2021)

November/05/2021 (8.75)

  1. When I get hard and difficult -> When things get difficult
  2. They have to start from basic -> they have to start from scratch
  3. I can speak my own voice -> I can speak my mind / I have my own voice
  4. I graduated Korea University -> I graduated from Korea University
  5. After those kind of experience -> after that kind of experience / after those kinds of experiences

November/19/2021 (8.0)

  1. appoint a meeting -> schedule a meeting
  2. work on office -> work in the office
  3. it's more frequent to take some rest -> you are more likely to take a rest
  4. when they give me alarm -> when I hear a notification
  5. if the deadline is coming soon -> if the deadline is approaching
  6. we share to do's to team members -> we share our to do list with other team members

November/26/2021 (7.75)

  1. It is really difficult to explain in words, but emotional factors are important, like when two people stay on each other, they feel both bodily and mental things -> Although it can't be explained fully in words, it's in our inherent nature to love and want to connect with other people. When two people remain together for a long time, they bond in both a visceral and emotional way.
  2. Frankly speaking there is no specific reason for why I chose this topic. I'm just interested in reading novels and watching films - and there are many films about love. As a software engineer I always work with calculating -> This topic offered me a more creative way of thinking about love and relationships which is far from the more technical and scientific work that I perform during my day job as a software engineer.
  3. From love or romantic relationships I expect something like emotions that I cannot get by myself. I cannot feel fluttering or joyful or stability from others by myself. -> There are certain emotions or feelings which are exclusive to love, that cannot be experience by oneself.
  4. I expect that kind of emotion, and I can share some good experiences with my partner which makes the experience much more special. -> Amongst these emotions are the feeling of butterflies in your stomach, and unadulterated joy.
  5. but of course it is also difficult for me to handle those conflicts. -> it still remains a challenging prospect for me and I find diffusing situations very difficult.
  6. I take strategies such as at first trying to talk a lot to others. -> I try to speak as much as possible so that all the ideas are put onto the table.
  7. Actually since COVID I cannot meet people in the real world, so I met people online and I had some relationship between new friends online and they are very important and meaningful to me. -> Despite having established important and meaningful relationships with people who I met online, I still firmly believe that meeting people in real life offers the relationship a greater chance of success.