[Ringle] 튜터 피드백 정리 (October 2021)

[Ringle] 튜터 피드백 정리 (October 2021)

링글을 벌써 8개월째 계속 하고 있다. 월 평균 4~6회 정도 수업을 받고 있으니 지금까지 총 40회 정도 수업을 했었던 것 같다. 수업을 받고 튜터님들이 피드백을 해 주시는데, 중복되는 피드백도 많고 그 말은 즉슨 내가 자주 하는 실수라는 의미이므로 이러한 것들을 정리해 보면 좋을 것 같다는 생각이 들었다. 더 까먹기 전에 내가 받았던 피드백들을 정리해 보려고 한다.

October/01/2021 (7.5)

  1. The more proper style for me is audio style -> the most effective way for me to learn is through audio
  2. Other countries where speak in English -> Other countries English is spoken; other English-speaking countries
  3. Enter to companies in the US -> enter a company in the US; join a company in the US
  4. I have to serve military 2 years -> I have to serve in the military for 2 years
  5. Because there are many is a lot of information such as gestures, emotions, backgrounds and other objects -> because there are many distracting stimuli such as gestures, emotions, backgrounds, and other objects, which hinder my focus
  6. Until high school student, I have studied English for the exam -> until I was a high school student, I only studied English for the purpose of doing well on exams
  7. mother language -> mother tongue
  8. More than half of them are from countries where doesn't they don't speak English as a mother language -> More than half of them were from countries where English was not the predominant language
  9. To understand 100% of a language, I have to understand their culture and their lifestyle -> to have a complete grasp over the language, I have to immerse(잠그다) myself in their culture and lifestyle
  10. People who don't have an eager to move abroad -> people who don't have the eagerness to move abroad; people who don't have the urge to move abroad

October/07/2021 (8.75)

  1. I enjoyed math and science until high school -> I like math and science since elementary school, through high school, and still now
  2. I can make some output in a few hours -> I can have/get results in a few hours; I can accomplish tasks in just a few hours
  3. I don't have many chances to learn Korean as a subject -> I don't have many opportunities to learn ...
  4. It is one of strong fields in S. Korea -> It is a strong field in S. Korea; It is one of the strongest fields in S. Korea
  5. It makes made me think deeper -> It made me think about things more deeply; I thought more thoroughly about it; I pondered it more; I gave it more consideration; I thought hard about it; It made me reflect more;
  6. Students get huge pressure about grade and university entrance exam until high school -> Students feel a lot of pressure regarding their grades and university entrance exams throughout high school; Students are pressured about/by their grades and university entrance exams ...
  7. Many adults think which university they graduated is very important factor -> Many adults think that the university they attended is a very important factor; Many adults think that the university they graduated from is a very important factor;
  8. I think there are many other factors to think to decide these people's values -> ... to think about to decide these people's value/future; ... to consider when deciding these people's value/future
  9. Sometimes it doesn't didn't suit for me a lot -> Sometimes it didn't suit me well;
  10. I think one change is that students can choose what they like and what they want to do in university, which means ... -> I think one change is that students should be able to choose ...

October/15/2021 (7.5)

  1. I think ... -> personally, I believe, in my opinion, in my view, to my mind, as I see it
  2. and -> moreover, in addition to, including, also, along with, besides
  3. Frankly, I work at home nowadays because of covid, so I usually woke up just before my working time started. I don't have morning routine nowadays. -> Frankly, nowadays, I do home-office due to COVID-19 so, I usually wake up later because I have the option to start working late. I haven't formed a morning routine.
  4. It is hard for me, I saw many people around me that woke up really early. They don't have enough time after they started their morning routine -> It is hard when seeing so many people around me that carry out rigorous morning routines
  5. I think I'm not fit for morning routine, I'm working as a programmer. Usually, I work til late after midnight -> I think I'm not well-suited to a morning routine.
  6. Yes. I currently don't have enough time after I finished my work on evening because sometimes they are too much work on me. -> after I finish work in the evenings due to the amount of work I have. The amount of upcoming deadlines.
  7. Sometimes, I hang out with my friends and do fitness. If I want to do something special or new, I have to make time after my working hours -> If I want to go out, I often have to make time after working hours
  8. Usually, turn off the light, so I heard it is really bad for my eyes, but I do these kind of things almost every day. -> Usually I turn off the lights, I've heard that it can very be damaging to my eyes. I'm stuck with this bad habit.
  9. I should fix my routine and also another bad habit is I try to believe my stress with eating food -> Another bad habit of mine is that I try to relieve my stress with food.
  10. The reason why I watch them a lot because it is really comfortable and I don't have to do a lot of actions or thoughts when I'm watching these kind of videos. -> A reason why I watch them a lot is due to the fact that they are very effortless.

October/22/2021 (7.25)

  1. Go on interest in programming -> When I was at university, I became interested in programming
  2. More that one country in every continent. -> I want to travel to at least one country on every continent
  3. make my owen company -> start my own company / own my own company
  4. See with my eyes -> I want to see (it) firsthand
  5. We get affection -> We have been influenced by those kinds of cultures
  6. I also have many mistakes -> have made many mistakes
  7. I've never keeped -> kept / retained / hold onto my happiness from the past

October/29/2021 (7.75)

  1. Of course UN cannot consider any conditions of all the countries in the world, I saw that there are almost 200. -> Keeping in mind that there is an overwhelmingly large number of countries/nations/states in the world, we should not expect the UN to constantly consider every minute detail of each one in their dealings/policies.
  2. I think that it is natural and UN try to find more upper value to make world peace, so in that point there are some disappointments or criticisms about that, so I think I can understand them. -> It's natural/to be expected/common sense that, as they strive for world peace, the UN has to prioritize some countries over others. If there is any disappointment or criticism based on this fact, it's understandable/comprehensible, though.
  3. I think there are some kind of civil wars in some middle east countries like Afghanistan and Syria. It is hard to deal with issue, it is hard to do some act by each countries, but UN is a global organization so I think UN can help with those kind of problems, or give support for these kinds of problems -> I am aware of civil strife/wars in the region of the middle east, especially in Afghanistan and Syria. These, however, are complex and difficult to deal with, so each individual country struggles to impose any kind of solution. I believe that it would be effective for the UN, as a global organization, to step in/weight in/give aid/help.
  4. I perceive UN positively because, as I mentioned before there are many global problems which is not easy to be solved by each countries. -> I hold the UN in high regard because, as previously mentioned/stated, it is necessary to handle/deal with/find solutions for many global problems that individual countries cannot easily fix.
  5. There are many complex relationships between countries, so I think it's necessary to have a negotiator for global scope problems. There is some conflict between separate countries. In that point, I think UN is doing a really important job in a globalized society, so I think UN positively. -> Furthermore, the UN acts as a mediator between countries with less than ideal relationships/less willing to cooperate with each other/substandard communication in order to foster better cooperation/communication and encourage finding solutions. With all this, I think that/believe that the UN is performing its job successfully, which is vital to our globalized/global society.
  6. I don't remember exact event, but I heard that they consistently give aid to many poor countries in Africa for several decades so I think that is one thing I remember -> While I don't recall any specific event, I do know/I am aware of the UN donating to many impoverished/third-world/underdeveloped countries in Africa.
  7. I think after Korean war, of course there are some small war inside country, but there are no global scope war in Korea. I never heard that there are some help by UN to Korea. -> After the Korean War, though, there was no need for the UN or any international organization to give aid to Korea because it was the only ware in Korea that would have global consequences/invloved the entire world, even if we have had smaller confilcts since. 
  8. I think it is quite enough and I support this expenditure because South Korea got huge support in Korean War -> I think Korea owes it to the UN to help out as well
  9. I think this money to be gone to help healthcare, education, and for children. -> I believe the money designated to the UN should go towards better healthcare, education, and child development.
  10. even though some young children was born or be raised in not good environment. -> Even if a child was born or raised in a less than ideal environment/underdeveloped environment/unhealthy envionment